About Us

After you have been in an accident or implicated in an incident that has left you injured or facing the loss of a spouse, sibling, child, grandchild, parent and or grandparent one of the most important decisions you can make is finding the right law firm. Our lawyers will help you in seeking damages, benefits, rehabilitation and compensation to which you are entitled.

MEUNIER CARRIER LAWYERS was founded as a Boutique Civil Litigation Law Firm in 2020, and operates its main office out of Timmins, Ontario, providing services in both official languages to our clients across the Province of Ontario. The law firm was formed by lawyers Jay Meunier and David Carrier along with their loyal and dedicated support staff of many years. Many of our team members are multilingual and can serve our clients in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Farsi.

Our firm’s particular interest is concentrated in all areas of personal injury law.

Advocacy, Teamwork, Collaboration, Continuing Legal Education and Teaching law form part of our strength and mission and stand as our top priorities in acting for our clients. Who you choose as your advocate matters and will make a difference in your life. At MEUNIER CARRIER LAWYERS our goal is to advance a client’s case in an effective, powerful, relentless, passionate, zealous, judicious and spirited manner with compassion for our client’s cause. We want to ensure that we can help alleviate the pressure and worries for our clients whenever same is possible.

Just like in sports, teamwork and collaboration are essential to the success of each athlete and every team and MEUNIER CARRIER LAWYERS deems each client as their key athlete. At MEUNIER CARRIER LAWYERS teamwork, coaching, collaboration and advocacy are the elements that contribute to achieving better outcomes for our clients. Our lawyers, staff and students benefit from mentorship, ongoing training, legal education and further work together to ensure the qualities of good teammates for our clients which include: loyalty, reliability, advocating and advancing a client’s matter efficiently. No one makes it to the playoffs or to the end of their case on his or her own. We have a strong team of players who will form part of your support system to make your journey through the legal system less onerous to ensure a successful result.

Our firm has extensive experience navigating through complex legal, medical and insurance issues that include personal injury incident, disability cases, employment related matters and family law related disputes.

If you have been injured or facing the loss of a family member in a collision or have legal issues in our areas of practice, we would be pleased to arrange for a consultation. For the purpose of clarity, our firm has acquired considerable knowledge and experience in litigating disability claims and other insurance disputes, wrongful deaths, family law, employment law, and all other areas of civil litigation.

Should you have any questions about your legal needs, feel free to call our office at 705-531-5500 for a free consultation or email us at info@mclawyers.ca.