General Civil Litigation

General Civil Litigation encompasses any claim against an at-fault party for damages or another form of remedy. The term “Civil Litigation” is incredibly broad and describes any form of legal action outside of criminal matters.

Our office has significant experience in many areas of civil litigation, which include personal injury matters, wrongful death claims, contractual disputes, faulty workmanship matters, intrusion upon seclusion matters, neighbour disputes,  property defects and misrepresentation matters, among many others.

The burden of proof in civil litigation is less stringent as opposed to criminal proceedings.  To be successful in civil cases on behalf of our clients it is necessary to prove the balance of probabilities standard, meaning that as your lawyer we must present more convincing evidence to a judge or jury than the opposing party.

We serve as our client’s advocate to achieve the best possible outcome by proving fault which is required first and foremost and then when fault is attributed to the opposing party then damages need to be established.  For the purpose of clarity, damages refer to monetary compensation that is claimed by a person or awarded by a court in a civil action to a person who has been injured or suffered loss because of the wrongful conduct of another party.

The purpose of damages, is, in a tort action, to restore an injured party to the position he or she was in before being harmed, and, in a contract action, to place the innocent party in the position he or she would have been in had the contract been performed as planned.  Consequently, damages are generally remedial rather than preventative or punitive.

If you believe that you may have been wronged, our experienced civil litigation lawyers would be pleased to provide you with an opinion regarding your matter.

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