Dog Bites and Attacks

A dog bite and/or attack can be a traumatic event that may leave the victim with physical and psychological injuries.

Ontario imposes strict liability on dog owners. Strict liability means that the victim of the dog bite does not bear the onus of proving that the owner of the dog was negligent. Additionally, dog “owners” are described broadly under the Dog Owners’ Liability Act and includes a person who possesses or harbours the said dog.

If you are the victim of a bite and/or attack by a dog or other type of domestic animal, you should follow these steps:

  • Seek medical attention;
  • Take photographs of the animal and injuries
  • Report the attack to the police or animal services office;
  • Get the names and contact information of witnesses;
  • Keep a journal and record the date, time and location of the incident;
  • Seek and obtain the name and contact of the owner of the animal;
  • Find out the name of the dog, weight of the dog and which type of breed of dog, description of the animal;

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