Slip/Trip and Fall Accidents

Slip/trip and fall incidents may happen in almost any area in which you are walking, whether indoors and outdoors. The incidents may occur as a result of ice, snow, wet floors, debris, spilled liquids, uneven areas, stairs and steps, loose carpets, issues with stair height and depth, poor lighting, no handrails, poor maintenance or general hazards and obstructions in places like sidewalks, parking lots, business entrances, and workplaces.

If your slip/trip and fall accident occurs on municipal property you must notify the municipality  in writing about the incident within 10-days, otherwise you will be forever barred from making a claim for these injuries. In most other slip/trip and fall incidents, you will have 2-years less a day to make a claim against the at-fault party for your injuries.

On December 8, 2020, Bill 118 received royal assent and became law in Ontario. Also known as the Occupier’s Liability Amendment Act, the new legislation implemented a sixty (60) day written notice period for all slip-and-fall claims caused by snow and/or ice on non-municipal/government property. However, these types of slip-and-fall claims are still subject to the two-year limitation period. For the purpose of clarity, when a slip and fall is caused by snow and/or ice and does not occur on government/municipal property, it is necessary to notify in writing the owner of the property where the incident occurred  within (60) days from the time of the occurrence. Otherwise,  no claim can be brought forth.

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Please keep in mind that photos should be taken immediately after an incident to show the condition of the area where the incident occurred. Additionally, it is in your best interests to seek and obtain the names of witnesses and their contact number and file a report with a staff member where the incident occurred.

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