Ada Dagg-Labine

On May 9th, 2022, Ada joined Team Meunier Carrier Lawyers as a full-time summer employee in the role of Legal Assistant. Ada continued to work on a part-time basis throughout the year and full-time in the summer months.

Ada’s duties include the intake of new referrals, communicating and meeting with clients, drafting correspondence and authorizations, requesting and obtaining pre- and post- examination for discovery undertakings. Ada is also responsible for drafting file summaries. In her role, Ada requests, reviews and summarizes medical records and diagnostic imaging. She further assists the Team by drafting executive summaries of medical files and client documents. Ada also attends and observes examinations for discovery with the lawyers and assist by taking notes and summarizing undertakings given by all parties. She also attends and assist lawyers in court and has had the opportunity to be involved in cases in the Ontario Court of Justice, Superior Court of Justice, Small Claims Court and disputes before the Licence Appeal Tribunal.

Ada has undergone extensive training and mentorship which has made it possible for her to acquire a great deal of knowledge in fulfilling her role.  Ada underwent extensive training with the firm on the Leap program and is proficient with the said cloud based law practice management software.  Ada actively participates in the firm huddles and partakes in the educational training sessions offered by the firm.

By way of background, Ada attended École Secondaire Catholique Thériault where she obtained her Ontario Secondary School Diploma with honours.

At present, Ada is pursuing the Paralegal program at Seneca College.