Jonah Hall

Jonah is currently a grade 12 student at École secondaire catholique Thériault where he will obtain his Ontario Secondary School Diploma with Honours this coming June. Jonah has been involved in numerous activities within the school. He is the Grade 12 student rep, he tutors students in mathematics, and plays basketball on his school team. He is also involved in the High Skills Major program in Health Sciences. Jonah enjoys learning and takes full advantage of all the opportunities high school offers.

Last summer, Jonah attended the Shad program. Shad is a prestigious nationally recognized program where students from all around the world gather to collaborate and come up with solutions to current world problems. Jonah dealt with problems pertaining to water waste and was assigned to a design team to come up with a sustainable solution for this problem. The program was based on STEAM principles (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics). This experience enabled Jonah to explore different subjects and learn how they can be used in combination to solve real-world problems. To this day, Jonah uses the strategies he learned at Shad to solve daily problems.

In addition to his Shad experience, Jonah has pursued interests in neuroscience and psychology through McGill’s Summer Academy. Jonah learned a lot about human behaviour and explored the different types of neurological diseases. Jonah uses his experience gained from this prestigious program to this day and hopes to continue his studies in psychology during his undergraduate education.

This upcoming fall, Jonah is enrolled at McMaster University where he will be pursuing a Bachelor of Arts & Sciences. The said program will permit Jonah to explore all his fields of interest and get a well-rounded education in both arts and sciences.

In the future, Jonah hopes to attend law school; in working toward that goal, he intends to work for Meunier Carrier Lawyers to further enhance his knowledge and experience in the field of law.

At Team MC Jonah plays an important role in supporting the team in connection with litigation matters.  In addition, Jonah has had the opportunity to observe examinations for discovery, hearings and court proceedings in the Ontario Court of Justice and Superior Court of Justice.