Shawne Dutkiewicz

Shawne Dutkiewicz has lived in Timmins most of her life and is a dedicated Toronto Maple Leaf hockey fan along with her husband and two boys.

By way of background, Shawne graduated from the law clerk program at Cambrian College in Sudbury in 1994. She left Sudbury to return to Timmins in 1998 where she has remained since that time.   She has acquired extensive civil litigation and family law-related experience and knowledge in the last three decades which she brings to the firm.  She serves as a mentor to the staff and brings wit and humour to the office each day.

She has a keen interest in helping clients going through challenges after suffering an injury in a collision or slip and fall.

Shawne further assists the lawyers in moving forward cases involving legal separations, parenting time, decision-making responsibilities for parents, division of family property, and divorce.  She serves an instrumental role in supporting clients experiencing marital difficulties.

Shawne interacts directly with clients in supporting the team.  In addition, she plays an important role behind the scenes in supporting the lawyers at Meunier Carrier in connection with their endeavours.

Shawne is versatile in preparing various draft documents for legal proceedings and partakes in the firm huddles and training sessions.

Shawne brings a great deal of liveliness and comedy to the firm retreats in Toronto, Punta Cana and in the City of Timmins.  She  is one fond of good living and who is known to enjoy her coffee with the occasional Baileys.